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Fume Cupboards

Educational fume cupboards - ducted

We offer both fixed and semi-mobile schools/ university grade ducted fume cupboards. The fume cupboards comply with the requirements and recommendations of Design Note 29, Building Bulletin 88 and CLEAPSS and are designed primarily for use in Schools and Colleges. We recommend a yearly check-up to be scheduled to ensure fume cupboard face velocities are achieved.

1 Fixed fume cupboard: The fume cupboard is fixed in position and is extracted to atmosphere by pvc ductwork and a remote fan unit, this ensuring all harmful fumes are extracted from the laboratory. Extraction of the work area enables a larger range of chemicals to be used in the fume cupboard and avoids the need for ongoing maintenance costs for replacement filters. Glazed side panels ensures increased visibility for demonstrations and is fitted as standard with a gas tap, water tap, drip cup, double electrical socket and control panel.

2 Semi-mobile fume cupboard: Constructed generally as the fixed ducted fume cupboard model but designed to be movable by up to 2 metres from its designed laboratory position via castors and specially extended flexible service connections.

In addition, we can supply a full industrial specification ducted fume cupboard for university use which can be specifically tailored to suit the service and construction requirements of the user. Your project manager will be happy to discuss your requirements and produce full detailed drawings.

Educational fume cupboards - re-circulating

By partnering with established industry leaders, Marson offer a range of air re-circulating fume cupboards. These are designed for front of class demonstrations as well as pupil experiments. Both type benefit from an activated carbon filter with a typical life span of 12 -18 months depending upon use.

3 Our Demonstration re-circulation fume cupboard benefits from both 360 degree visibility and full mobility (depending upon services required). It is available as a simple mobile demonstration unit or full serviced with gas , water and waste connections.

Our Filtration range of fume cupboards offer a more robust environment for A-level and university applications. These are also available as mobile units or full serviced with gas, water and waste connections.

Please ask your project manager for a brochure with further details of these types of fume cupboards.